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Love Prevails

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This wedding was absoluetly beautiful, and to an outsider, one would never know the obstacles that were overcome to make it all happen. Let's start at the beginning...

Elizabeth was raised in California, and her husband, Kolton, in New Orleans, but they were married in Redbank, New Jersey. You may be wondering why, and it's because for these two wonderful people, family is more important than anything else. Elizabeth's grandfather was no exception. Unfortunately, her grandfather is ill and unable to travel far from his home in Lincfroft, New Jersey. So, that was it, the wedding would take place in New Jersey, and everyone, I mean everyone, traveled to be there. Guests came from as far as Germany and California, to New Orleans and Georgia to be there. Elizabeth flew in a week before the big day to tie up loose ends, while Kolton stayed behind in their home in New Orleans to work. The day after she left, on Saturday, Kolton was in a horrible motorcycle accident, leaving him with a broken colar bone, multiple broken ribs, punctured lung, broken wrist and broken hand. He was in surgery by Monday morning to repair his colar bone. But, by Wednesday, Kolton was taken in a wheel chair to his flight, because nothing could stop him from coming to NJ to marry the love of his life. In fact, while sitting with my bride in her hotel room doing photos, we learned he was in the ER, with severe pain, the night before, but didn't tell her because he didnt want her to worry. We had plans to do photo outdoors, but with the sweltering summer heat, and the distance to walk to get to our ideal location, we thought it would be best that we do all portraits and first look indoors. We didn't want to exhaust Kolton, and wanted to capture their true reactions and emotions, not the atmosphere. That is all that really matters. So they got ready..

Then they were ready to see each other


The ceremony was perfect on the balcony at Molly Pitcher Inn, followed by a Second Line Band, New Orleans style.

Time to party!

Cake // Sugar Rush

Invitations // Minted

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