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Missing Those Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite time of year. When families come together to capture that special season full of warm colors and change. For Erin and Bert, change was certainly coming. They were about to merge their two very different and excited lives together. You see, Erin is a FBI agent, living and working in both New Jersey and Washington DC and traveling often for work. While Humberto is an attorney practicing and living in Miami, Florida. During their relationship, they would rotate their travels, sometimes to see each other in those locations that they live, but mostly, to new and exciting places for weekend getaways. They lived out of their luggage, and I can tell you from doing their steamy engagement shoot - absense definitely made the heart grow fonder :)

But on this day, thier lives officially became one. They walked down the aisle, their dog brought them their rings, and they sealed it with a kiss!

How beautiful were the grounds of this venue??? Perfect landscape for portraits, especially at this time of year.

Time to celebrate!

Venue // Silas Conduct

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