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Snowy Wedding At The Palace

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

When I heard it was going to snow on Alfred and Caitie's wedding in Somerset, New Jersey, I quickly texted Caitie to assure her that we will still get beautiful shots indoors, and possibly outdoors, under covering. She did not even hesitate in her response that she was excited because she heard snow photos are beautful. THAT IS MY KIND OF BRIDE. She withstood freezing temperatures and a pretty good snow falling for 2+ hours to get the most amazing shots - without a single complaint. Alfred did too, but let's be honest, the guys get to wear a few layers, including a coat and SOCKS, so it's a lot less impressive. Sorry, Al! I was so excited, adrenaline pumping, that I didn't even wear a coat! Most brides would not be so open to get snow in their hair with wearing a strapless dress in 29 degree weather. But before I reveal the snow and all its glory, we will start with some warm getting ready photos, and a teaser of whats to come with my most epic dress shot to date.

It's snow time! Alfred and Caitie stood back to back on the terrace and read letters to one another, expressing their vows and telling their love story. As they stood waiting, I asked Alfred if he was nervous, and he said "I was, but then I heard her voice". I instantly gushed. Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard??!! They were not allowed to turn and see each other, even after they were done reading. Instead, Alfred walked to the end of the terrace, out into the snow and waited for Caitie to follow. What a breath taking view for the perfect first look.

Followed by our potrait hour

Party Time! Alfred and Caitie came out danicing like I have never seen. I really enjoyed their "live in the moment" mentality.

It was a pleasure witnessing the love between Alfred and Caitie and I wish them nothing but love and laughter! Congratulations!

If you need a wedding and lifestyle photographer in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut or Pennsylvania area, please email for pricing and information. Venue // The Palace

DJ & Entertainment // Posh

Flowers // Jaqueline Florist

Invitations // Invitations By Dawn

Shoes // Betsy Johnson

Tuxe // Azarea Bridal

Hair // Ashley Sosnowski

Makeup // KG Makeup

Videographer // Art Line Studios

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